December 26, 2020 at 7:17 PM


- shirts (a lot???)
- pants (same as shirts???)
- shorts???
- underwear (duh!!!!!)
- socks
- phone charger
- outlet converter
- toothbrush/toothpaste
- deoderent
- stuff to do on the plane?????


- pack minnie up
- drop minnie off
- lock door??????
- send itinerary to mom (see texts)
- eat food in fridge???? check with bren


December 26, 2020 at 8:35 PM

Wesley, please text your mother that itinerary thing she wants. Also, what time are you dropping Minnie off? Your mom wants to know if you're packing dog food for her, because we still have some at the house. No I'm not asking him that. Because it's unnecessary, Helen. Fine, fine! Your mom also wanted me to remind you to pack condoms. Have a good trip, sport.
Call Back
the list of places you and stella are going, when you expect to arrive on what dates, when you're leaving, etc. you know, like a calendar???
why do you need a calendar?????
so i don't worry that you've been kidnapped or gotten lost or separated from stella, sweetie
fine!!!!!!!!!1 i'll have stella email it to you?????
thank you wessy. i just worry. you've never taken a trip like this without family, and the last time you flew, remember your ears got all blocked? make sure you pack lots of gum, and make sure you get the kind with xylitol like those cube shaped ones? ice breakers cubes i think they're called?? and make sure you pack lots of extra clean underwear!! even more than you think!! because you don't know if you'll have access to any washers or dryers! and don't be alarmed when you see cars on the other side of the road, wesley! and make sure you at least message me every day! even if it's just on the facebook!
and condoms!!!!! don't forget condoms!!!!! obviously i want grandchildren but you know how yaya feels about children born out of wedlock!!
jkflhlfashklfasklha MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
have fun on your trip sweetie!!!!!
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wespectropatronum getting all the cuddles in before i leave!!!!!1 #minnierhoades #dogsofinstagram
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mamarhoades nice pic sweetie!!!! don't worry, we'll take good care of her!!!!
December 27th, 2020
flight to new zealand

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